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Our Service
Get a glimpse of our 24 hours reliable services.
Cargo Transportation
We know that we must balance the "need for speed" with the costs inherent in the mode of transport.
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Air Freight
We operate with schedules on all the world's major routes so you can plan with certainty for greater efficiency. It offers a choice in delivery speeds to best suit customer requirements.
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Ocean Freight
At a fast lane, shipping are organised for we see no need to hold onto any item. Again modern technology.
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Packaging & Storage
It is important all received items are stored properly and we do just that. We strongly see the need of utilising modern technology.
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Who We Are ?

Quick Freight Courier has worked so hard to become a world leader in critical delivery, we have consistently demonstrated to our customers our commitment by giving the highest quality service while maintaining the most cost effective solutions.
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Secure: Clients are treated in a professional manner at all times by our dispatchers. We deliberately take protective measures to ensure that our dispatchers and drivers have clean driving records, have no civil or criminal records of any sort, and are verified drug-free.
Trackable: When you ship with Quick Freight Courier, due to our wide range of express parcel and package services, your are shipping with specialists in international courier delivery.
Speed: We have enough hands that checks abd cross-checks packages. In this manner, there could be no delay in delivery. We are moving with the speed the world tasks us with. No slowing down!
Reliable: When you trust a delivery service with your business's goods, you expect us to know that you have other critical business issues to worry about, and gettinf your package delivered shouldn't be one of them. We worry about that. The best courier service is the most reliable!
Transportation & Logistics: We know that we must balance the "need for speed" with the costs in inherent in the mode of transport. And this isn't limited to the rate charged for services. Read more
Moving & Storage: It is important all received items are stored properly. We do exactly that because we strongly see the need of utilising modern technology. Read More
Shipping Operations: At a fast track, shipping operations are very much organised because we see no need to hold on to any item. This again comes down to modern technology that we possess. Read More
From storage of raw materials to consumables, spare parts and finished goods, Geep Express courier provides solutions that ensure that you can deliver on your customer promise. And whether efficiency is best served by sharing warehouse operations or creating a dedicated operation, we will provide the solution that drives the best value for your business. Click Here to view our expertise and services

Air Freight

Offer is highly flexible. While door to door is our standard offering, airport to airport, door to airport and airport to door options are also available.

Ocean Freight

Naturally, our expertise also includes focused and professional handling of all conventional cargo transportation.

Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

Sending heavy freight across town, across the continent, or across the border? As a global leader in logistics, Quick Freight Courier is committed to making your LTL and truckload deliveries easier and helping you to improve your efficiency with a broad range of solutions.
We are trusted by alot, and these are the latest to be here :)
Prof. Mathijs Sjaek sent some books from somewhere in Marbella, I got it at about 30-35 hours after i got an "Item received" notification on my email. I hope Quick Freight Courier maintain this power you possess. Quick Freight Courier stands out!
Rabie Elkheir
I am still baffled how i got my delivery just within 2 days. I was sent a package from Alaske to Pretoria and i got it within 2... I am still baffled, honestly, it is unreal! Keep this up Quick Freight Courier
Khalid Alnoor
Hey, I am extremely glad with the work you guys do at Quick Freight Courier. I never thought a local delivery can be as quick as flash - 2hours - Item received. Althought it is within the country, but i wouldn't be commending if it isn't rare. It is so comforting :)
Amal Salman